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  1. Craig King
    February 28, 2018

    This proposal is actually about nationalizing all land in South Africa. Removing land from private ownership and so giving it zero value. It will not be possible to hypothecate, sell or bequeath land. All land, rural or urban.

    The individual will simply lease the land from the government but will not be able to leverage the land value by raising a mortgage on it.

    This is a simple act of Communist ideology and has nothing to do with land hunger or access to farming by the black community. It is intended to impoverish the white community without bringing any benefit to blacks. It is malicious and spiteful in exactly the same way as it was in the USSR and her satellite states.

    If this concept is adopted, the removal of land from private ownership, it will be the end of South Africa as an economic power in Africa and the world. It really is a classic example of cutting off the national nose to spite her face.


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