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  1. Carl Muller
    November 1, 2016

    Paul Kruger’s history in the Volksraad read like ANC history. Fraud corruption and nepotism. It is a shame that the Afrikaner choose to ignore that and made him a hero.


    • Baron Cas Du Plessis
      January 10, 2017

      I believe that is why it is called politics…. By convention you are expected to use your position in government to benefit “the people”. However, in a multi-racial environment such as South Africa, we have a situation where “the people” does not equate to “our people” – it automatically becomes a case of “my people” or “your people”

      *****while in office, you must do what you can for “your people” – don’t you?*****

      see my point?


    • TARZAN
      April 24, 2017

      Carl Muller, Paul Kruger had established the new world in South Africa, he have tried to kept the wealth of SA in our country and stops exploration by thieves and robbers (Brits). Assholes like you are still enjoying some of his legacies even today, every time you visit the Kruger National Park.


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